Monday, August 12, 2013

My Jerusalem, and my Jerusalem...

Before I saw My Jerusalem live last year, and listened to their music... I wondered about their name. Because my Jerusalem is a special place: somewhere wish everyone on this planet, regardless of religion or beliefs or origins, could experience at least once in their lives.

Today, I read an article in Highlight Magazine, which explains: Jeff Klein visited Jerusalem... and wanted his new band to have the same spiritual feeling that he'd experienced.

"I'm not talking about religion: I'm talking about spirituality."


Here's my Jerusalem, on an obsolete, very-old-and-outdated website :   "And then there was Jerusalem..."  Written after my third visit to Israel in eighteen months, before my sister moved from Tel Aviv to the flowering desert.

I think I'm ready to visit my Jerusalem again... or maybe My Jerusalem.

Next year, in Jerusalem.

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