Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trapt, a review

Now that the photo-editing has been done, and -- at last -- the nasty cold that attacked on Sunday seems to be clearing up and freeing some space in my brain for thinking, instead of coughing and sneezing, I'll write a bit more about the Trapt show on Saturday night at Sacramento's Ace of Spades. (Which is a really good place to go for live music: it's "all ages", so you can take the youngsters, they serve food if you're hungry, and if you need booze to enjoy an evening, there is a bar, but there's also free water easily available if you're just thirsty. Depending on the show, it can get hot in there, and water is very welcome.)

I went to see Trapt without a huge amount of listening to their music. Of course, I knew Headstrong, but they've not been a band I'd studied. And it's a while since Headstrong was a hit. 2002? 2003?Something like that. But... I wanted to see them when they came to town.

And they were good. Very good.

Part-way through, a thought crept in... If Walton Goggins was a singer, he'd be Chris Taylor Brown. There's a distinct resemblance. And before you think and spit, that's a weird analogy; just realize that I think Mr. Goggins is on his way to becoming the best actor of this generation. I want to see him play Shakespeare and Brecht. So yes, Chris Taylor Brown reminded me... there's some sort of subconcious link in my head somewhere. Funny how the mind makes those connections, and builds a bigger picture. Life is one big network of hopes and dreams and art and magic. Nothing is seen, heard, or remembered, in isolation.

I swear that concerts are louder than they were ten or twenty years ago. Or maybe it's too many up-and-down international flights playing havoc with the eardrums. Or maybe just that darn aging process... earplugs have become a necessity, especially when in the pit, shooting photos, next to the speakers and monitors. Sometimes, they have the effect of making the music just a softened loud noise. But not this time. Loved the show; it's a pleasure to experience talented and professional musicians in action. And an extra bonus when you're realising that heck, you really like the music.

(And I have the distinct impression that they are really nice people, too.)

Trapt have released a new EP: two tracks, "Bring It" and "Love-Hate Relationship". You can buy it on iTunes or through their website. While "Love-Hate Relationship" is probably the more commercial of the two, and it's excellent, it's "Bring It" that I've had on repeat for the past couple of days... insistent, driving, with guitar and bass riffs that get their hooks in and won't let go. Awesome. Bring it!

Full set of photos from the show are here:

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