Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bella update: September 30th

Today, like yesterday, Bella spent a couple of restful hours outside, on her bed on the deck. She limps there from the big bed in the bedroom--just a few steps--and then lays down. If she's on her way to go potty, it's the same thing: first a stop off at the bed-on-the-deck.

Her turning circle has grown larger, like stretching a limo.

The lump on her leg that was the size of a small ping-pong ball, almost unnoticeable, four weeks ago, is now the size of a tennis ball. You can almost see it growing.

She had to go to the vets on Friday for a blood test, to make sure that the anti-inflammatory medicine she is taking is not messing up her liver. The results of the test were good; the taking of the test, not so easy! We took her in Dylan's car, as I can't get her into my truck any more. She was fine on the way there, but just couldn't (or wouldn't) get out once we arrived at the vets. We tried from both sides of the car, coaxing, pushing, encouraging, ordering. I went and asked a vet tech to help: same results. Moved the car to the back of the vet's office, into the shade. Still stuck on back seat. We had to muzzle her so that the two technicians could climb into the car and do the test there. How many vet techs and Great Danes can fit into the back seat of a Ford Focus?

We came back home. She wouldn't get out. We added the step from the deck, to make the step down from the car shorter. Still not budging. We tried enticing her out with turkey. She turned her head and ignored it. By this time, Dylan's car was bathed in scared-dog panting drool, and I was starting to wonder if we'd ever get her out.

In the end, Dylan worked the front end and I worked the rear. By folding up her sore leg, we were able to lift her enough that she put her front feet onto the floor, and then the good back leg. Suddenly she was very proud of herself, wagging, and extremely thirsty. (As were we all... it was around 95f.)

It would have been somewhat amusing to watch, I'm sure. And I had to laugh, otherwise I would cry. Again.

Bella's story in pictures:

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