Saturday, September 15, 2012

Devo at Sunrise

Devo at Sunrise, a set on Flickr. Click on the link for the full set of pictures!
Via Flickr:
Devo: first half of the final show in this year's Sunrise at Night concert series, Sunrise Marketplace, Citrus Heights in California. Playing to a capacity crowd of devoted fans!

Midway through their US tour with Blondie, Devo provided an... unusual... (and very entertaining) act, complete with costume changes, plastic facemasks, yellow boiler suits, and strange ziggurat-shaped hats, which I have on good authority helps enhance communications with alien life. (Which may be the reason why many of their fans were wearing the hats, too. I should have bought one. I felt a little lost without one. Their best-remembered hit (for those not part of their almost-cult following), "Whip It!", giving the name to the Blondie and Devo "Whip It To Shreds!" tour this summer.

1978--they year that Blondie released "Parallel Lines", and the year that Devo gave us "Are We Not Men/We Are Devo", was the year my eldest daughter, Jade, was born. I was listening to the radio a lot then: either because I was working as a welder (seriously! I was! It was only lampshades, but it was welding!) in a tiny factory, and we had the radio on non-stop, or at home where we did not have a TV. New Wave, Punk, New Wave. So Devo's music is very familiar to me.

I love that they have a song about Romney tying dog to roof of car (see ;-) though I still find the facemask thing a little freaky!

For more information on the Sunrise at Night concert series, see

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