Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's in, what's out

Half-way through digging the third vegetable bed. Planted it with baby aubergine/eggplant plants and a row of tomatillos. I have no idea what I will do with tomatillos, but the seed packet looked cool. Also planted two rows of purple gladiolis, because I felt guilty that I hadn't found a place for them yet anywhere else.

Planted out the sweetcorn seedlings in a block not too far from the potato beds. Discovered that no matter how sprouted the potatoes from the supermarket are, they won't continue growing when you plant them. The proper seed potatoes are, however, flourising in their straw beds. Removed the supermarket spuds and planted green and yellow courgette/zucchini plants instead.

Planted cucumbers and kobacha and butternut squash plants against a neat folding trellis that I found at Lowes, plus a couple of the cucs on the bank where the pumpkins were last year. Found a strange mass of baby plants near the peas in the first vegetable bed. They look like baby pumpkins or squash but I don't remember spilling about fifty seeds in one place. Oh. That was where the pumpkins sprawled too. Maybe one left its seeds behind last year?

Planned where the tomatos will go. Fixed some more sprinklers, again. Moved a little more compost, but there's a lot more to move.

That was a good weekend but I feel like I'm running to catch up with a train that has already left the platform. Temperatures are already rising into the high eighties/nineties (farenheit) and the broccoli and lettuces and rocket won't like that one bit.

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