Sunday, July 23, 2017

Photo gallery: Good Charlotte at the California State Fair

Good Charlotte, California State Fair, Sacramento
Good Charlotte bringing in the crowd at the California State Fair
Long-time fans were out in droves to see Good Charlotte performing at the California State Fair on Friday night! Big crowd who were all there to enjoy the show.

Joel Madden, vocals, Good Charlotte,
Joel Madden, vocals, Good Charlotte
Here's the setlist: if you were there, and heard anything different, go to to update the list. (I'f you've never used, it's where fans share setlists from shows that they have attended.)

Good Charlotte continue to tour, including dates in Canada and the UK: find all the dates here on their Facebook.

More photos, including the crowd, in the Good Charlotte gallery--check it out. You might find yourself, if you were at the show.

Good Charlotte, California State Fair, Sacramento
Enjoying the show!

A Day At The Races: California State Fair

Racing at Sacramento
Race eight, Sacramento, California State Fair
Once again, like last year, I spent a whole day at the racetrack, in Sacramento, at the California State Fair. Came home a little sunburned--it was a hot day, and the cool of the indoor area was a very welcome respite between the races. There were nine races on the card, with the first at 1.45 p.m.

Racing at Sacramento
Sponsor family in the winner's circle for the first race
The first race was a quarter horse race. Those guys are so fast! Quarter horses are an American breed, and they are the sprinters of the horseracing world. Quite logical naming: a quarter horse runs the quarter mile!

And did you know that you or your company can sponsor a race at the State Fair? You too can be in the winner's circle! Have your name in the program and a special box for you and your guests, all day of the race. Check out all the info here.

Senorita, winner of the mule race at Sacramento
Senorita, winning the mule race at Sacramento, California State Fair
The second race was... mules. Yes, mules. Last year, we arrived just before this race, and I hadn't had a chance to read the program. I was expecting thoroughbreds and thinking, that horse over there looks like a donkey... wait, that one does too, and that one... But no, they are not horses, they are not donkeys, they are the best of both: they are mules, and they can run.

The winner of the mule race was Senorita. Everyone kept out of her way. She has a reputation for being a little feisty, a little... mulish... in the winner's circle. But what a run!

Senorita, winner of the mule race at Sacramento
Senorita, on her way to the winner's circle
Race three was special. As the horses were parading in front of the stand, before the race began, number 2, WMA Red Pepper unseated his jockey, and decided to race the course by himself, before they were anywhere near under starter's orders. The three-year-old bay colt zoomed off around the track, leaving jockey Jesus Velasquez frustrated, on his feet on the dirt racetrack.

Racing at Sacramento
Before race three, California State Fair... WMA Red Pepper about to begin his solo race
The young Arabian horse was eventually rounded up, checked by the track vet, and pronounced OK to start the race. I thought he had no chance...

But guess who was way out in front at the start of the race!

And look who won! Yes, it was WMA Red Pepper, living up to his name, and bringing in the prize for trainer and owner Helen Shelley. Big smile on jockey Jesus' face at the end of the race, and the crowd went wild!

Racing at Sacramento
WMA Red Pepper winning race three
Race eight, the California Governor's Cup, had the biggest field of the day, with twelve horses listed to begin the race.

Racing at Sacramento
Heading into the final straight, race eight, Sacramento

Racing at Sacramento
Alliford Bay, winner of the 2017 California Governor's cup, ridden by jockey Irving Orozco, trained by Blaine Wright and owned by Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd.
More racing today, and next weekend--Thursday to Sunday--too! It's included in your entry to the California State Fair!

Many more photos from all of the races are now in the California State Fair photo gallery: click here! (You can find these and more horseracing images in the horse racing gallery, too.)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I think these guys are crazy-mad. But fun to watch. Still... crazy-mad.

Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross
Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross at California State Fair
Every day at California State Fair, there are three chances to see the Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross team. Three riders, riding motorbikes up a ramp, doing all sorts of crazy things in midair, then landing safely. All in a split second. Sometimes two, or three, in the air at the same time. Doing handstands on the handlebars. Riding with no hands. Letting go of the bike, completely.

Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross
Look, no hands!!! 
Yes, I think they are crazy-mad. But you have to see them!!! (And unlike bull riding, there are no animals involved, but just as much daredevil crazy-skilled performance.)

Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross
One hand!!!
Check them out: shows are at 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm, every day of the fair. In the lagoon.

Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross
Let's do a handstand. On the handlebars. In midair.
Many more pictures are in the gallery:  California State Fair 2017  (and if you missed last year's photos, find them here).

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Photo gallery: Lita Ford at California State Fair!

Lita Ford
Lita Ford, California State Fair 2017
Lita Ford rocked the  California State Fair last night, opening the show on her famed Stoli guitar!

She's on tour: more dates can be found here, on Facebook and here on her website.

All the photos are in the photogallery, click here or just click the picture!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Photo gallery: Sacramento Republic Football Club vs CF Pachuca

Sacramento Republic FC v CF Pachuca
Sacramento's Tower Bridge Battalion leading the crowd
Saturday night's friendly international between Sacramento Republic FC and CF Pachuca of Mexico at Papa Murphy's Park, Sacramento: with attendees also gaining access to the California State Fair, a great evening out for all the family! End result: Sacramento 0, Pachuca 3.

Don't miss the next match! Sacramento Republic FC versus Seattle Sounders FC 2 next Sunday, 23rd July!

See the full photo gallery here: or click the photo below. That was so much fun!

Sacramento Republic FC v CF Pachuca
CF Pachuca score against Sacramento Republic FC early in the match

Thursday, July 13, 2017

California State Fair opens tomorrow!!! Concerts. And DINOSAURS!!!

Tradional fairground ride
All the fun of the fair!!!
California's State Fair opens tomorrow, July 14th, and runs until July 30th. There are fairground rides, there are concerts galore, and there are... dinosaurs!!!! Yes, DINOSAURS!!! They have taken over Expo buildings 4 and 5. Put on your timetravel kit and be ready to zoom 165 million years into the past.

There is racing. Yes, horseracing. Yes... weiner dogs (dachshunds).

There are Hollywood Horses. See the horses from the Walking Dead and Seabiscuit. I don't think there are zombies, but you never know. Be on the lookout.

There are exhibits and competitions and music and dance and livestock and petting zoos and pony rides and whales' tails and steampunk and video shows on the water tower and FAIR FOOD and so much that you can't talk about it all without running out of breath.

Just be there. You know you'll have fun!

Find all the info here:

(If you see me with a very-large reptile, it's just my T-Rex.)

Ready for some festivals... lots of new music! E.g., Stone Sour!

Corey Taylor signing
Corey Taylor, of Slipknot and Sone Sour, at Aftershock in Sacramento
I'm really, really ready for festivals! Whether in Sacramento (City of Trees, Aftershock) or further afield, I'm ready! I bet you could find a festival to go to, every weekend from now until the end of October, if you set your mind and your bank account to it... Louder Than Life, Outside LandsOzzfest meets Knotfest, to name but a few.

This weekend, Chicago Open Air has a wonderful three-day lineup. If' you're there, I'm jealous--last year's inaugural festival was wonderful, this year's lineup is WOW.

One band that you'll see in several of the festivals during the rest of the year, including Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, is Stone Sour. If you're a Slipknot fan, you just might consider Stone Sour as Corey Taylor's "other" band, but Stone Sour began before Corey fronted the masked metal crew, and while very intense, heavy, metal rock, Stone Sour leans more melodic. And there are no scary masks or nightmare clowns to deal with.

Corey Taylor signing
Corey Taylor, meeting fans, Aftershock 2015
Stone Sour's latest album, Hydrograd, is out now and I've been listening to it all week. The single, Song #3, has been receiving a lot of airplay, is high in the charts, and has a wonderful hook. St. Marie has steel guitar and a country twang. But the song that's sticking in my ear is When The Fever Broke... it's such a good album. Take a listen! Learn the words to sing along when you see them!

A couple of years back, I was very happy to be asked to photograph Corey Taylor's signing session at Aftershock festival in Sacramento. So many happy fans!!! Such a gracious man... Corey spent ages longer than planned, giving every fan attention, making them each feel special. And then he went off to do some fighting... does he ever stop? I hope not!

Which reminds me... when you go to a festival, don't forget to check out which bands are doing signings and meet-and-greets: they usually happen all weekend, sometimes at radio stations' booths, sometimes at The Music Experience as was the Corey Taylor signing in 2015. Check out the festival website to find out. Go meet your favourites... and you too may come away with an amazing memory and, on top of all the music, a happy face like these:

Corey Taylor signing
After meeting Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor signing

Corey Taylor signing

Corey Taylor signing
Signed by Corey Taylor!
See you at the festival!!! I can't wait. Did I say that already?

Northern Ghost releases new video: Heart of Stone

If you enjoy Bring Me The Horizon, check out this band from Cleveland, Ohio: Northern Ghost. This is the video of Heart of Stone: "... One of the more painful ones to write. The subject of being a good person who has done bad things, tearing into regret, dealing with judgment. It can weigh extremely heavily on a soul", said Tony McVaney about this song.

Northern Ghost is vocalist Tony McVaney, guitarist Alan Bryan, guitarist Nolan O'Renic, bass player Kenny Pohorence and drummer Mike Mazzoli.

Nothern Ghost have signed with Tragic Hero Records, and their debut album Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal was released on July 7th, and is well worth a listen! Check out the album here on Amazon, or here on iTunes... or wherever you usually buy your music. Metalcore but melodic; powerful yet thoughtful.

Follow Northern Ghost on Facebook to see upcoming tour dates. If you are headed to the beach, see them in Santa Cruz tonight!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Red Sun Rising: Uninvited... and it's stunning

Mike Protich, vocals, Red Sun Rising
Mike Protich, vocals, Red Sun Rising, Sacramento 2016
I don't quite know how I missed this when it was released as a single a couple of months back, but I only heard Red Sun Rising's cover of Alanis Morissette's "Uninvited" on the radio this week. They played Uninvited live to us back in October, at the Ace of Spades, and yes... it's special. Vocals, guitar... all of it. Not on an album (yet), but you can buy it now (for example, here on iTunes).

Remember this song? Morissette wrote it for the soundtrack of City of Angels, the movie with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan... and City of Angels, as Jade Anna Hughes reminded me, was a remake of the wonderfully haunting movie, Wings of Desire (Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin). Red Sun Rising's video of the cover of the song of the movie which was a remake has much more in common with the heaven over Berlin than Hollywood... and it manages to be creepy while engaging; kindly yet unnerving, thought-provoking, worrysome and beautiful, all at the same time.

You can watch the official video here; be aware that there is nudity, in case that offends you (or the person looking over your shoulder). There's also a guy who puts more emotion, longing, shame and love into his eyes in a couple of minutes than most actors do in a lifetime.

If you have any doubts about the vocal skills of Red Sun Rising's frontman Mike Protich, they disappear with this song.

Simply stunning... both this recording of the song, and the video.

Red Sun Rising are still out there touring: find all dates on their website or Facebook.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Buy your festival tickets TODAY! Or TOMORROW! Before end of July 4th!

People of Aftershock
Festival time!!!
If you are planning on attending a Danny Wimmer Presents festival later this year, take a look at ticket prices right now, because there's a special offer that runs until a minute to midnight on July 4th for Aftershock, and if you can't wait that long, for Louder Than Life -- hop on a plane to Kentucky! There's no service fee right now... you know how annoying it is to have extra costs slapped on top of the ticket price? Do it today!

You've seen the lineups, right?  If not, click here for Aftershock, here for LTL.

Aftershock tickets are here:

Louder Than Life tickets are here: 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Alice Cooper at Thunder Valley: Alice rules!!!

Thunder Valley Casino's summer concert series kicked off last weekend, and runs through the hot Sacramento months with shows every weekend. Top of my list to see was the awesome king of shock-rock, Alice Cooper, and... awesome as ever!

There was Alice. There was a snake, huge and strong and gorgeous and menacing. There was a guillotine, a blade fall, and a severed head.There was an electric chair and Frankenstein's monster, huge, running around the stage, towering over the band. There were human-size dolls and spiders in the eyes and top hats and tails and makeup and everything you'd expect from an Alice Cooper show, though they didn't play Elected this time, darnit.

There was a wonderful band, amazing guitar from the wonderful Nita Strauss, who can shred with the best: an impressive drum solo (Glen Sobel) and great rock from all the members of Alice's band.

Alice Cooper is still the ultimate showman, still bouncing all over the stage; costume changes with every song, bringing the roof down (though in this venue, there was sky above). It's hard to see that Alice isn't still in his twenties... the five decades of experience just add to the draw.

Remember when your parents freaked out because you were listening to Schools Out? I do! Oops.

Setlist: about twenty songs total, including Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mister Nice Guy, Lost In America, Feed My Frankenstein, Only Women Bleed, I'm Eighteen, and School's Out, which morphed into Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall and back to complete the show.

All you have from me for this show is a few words, and a couple of cellphone photos. You have to go see Alice yourselves... he never stops touring. See all the dates here, including the Americas, Australia and Europe! Wow... look at that schedule. Seriously, dude... he never stops. And thank the music gods for that, because there are a huge number of performers who have learned much of their trade from Alice Cooper.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hell, HELLYEAH, that was one hell of a show: HELLYEAH return to the Ace of Spades

HELLYEAH, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
Last time that I saw HELLYEAH at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento, in 2015, it was all about the high-energy music: last night, it was the music, and more: one helluva light show. And what a show... "supergroup" (yes, they are a group, and yes, they are super... and yes, their lineup includes members who previously made musical history in other bands: Chad Gray with Mudvayne, Vinnie Paul with Pantera, Tom Maxwell with Nothingface). Together with Kyle Sanders on bass and Christian Brady on guitar, they bring us heavy-metal-hard-rock with an intense, driving heartbeat, tough and heavy guitar and bass, and a huge dose of non-stop energy. Chad Grays vocals are always strong, and range from intense, fast and gritty to smooth and melodic.

Chad Gray, vocals, HELLYEAH
Chad Gray, HELLYEAH, Sacramento
Vinnie Paul is the first of the band to arrive on stage, behind a drum kit so tall, and so high, that you had to go to the back of the room to see a glimpse his happy, welcome face, but even if you can't see him, you know he's there, all evening, with every beat. The rest of the band step onto the stage, and Chad Gray arrives, blood all over his face, dripping from his goatee... I think it was fake, there were no obvious wounds, but this is metal, right?

Tom Maxwell and Kyle Sanders, guitar and bass, HELLYEAH
Tom Maxwell and Kyle Sanders, HELLYEAH, Sacramento
Touring the latest album, Unden!able, the setlist included not only the heavier, aggressive HELLYEAH songs that the band are well-known for, but the recent cover of Phil Collins' I Don't Care Any More (probably the finest-ever cover of a Collins' song, IMHO) and the latest song that's receiving a lot of airplay, Love Falls, both from Unden!able.

Chad Gray, vocals, HELLYEAH
Chad Gray, HELLYEAH, Sacramento
I've seen them several times since 2014 (Aftershock 2014 being the first) and each time, I enjoy the show more, and from the reaction of the crowd, I'm not alone. One thing that strikes me: these guys are happy together on stage. They are having as much fun as the audience.

Christian Brady, guitar, HELLYEAH
Christian Brady, HELLYEAH, Ace of Spades
This USA tour is huge, and takes in several festivals too: check out the tour page for full details and HELLION deals.

For many more photos from the Ace of Spades, 14th June 2017, see the gallery: click here!

Vinnie Paul, drums, HELLYEAH
Vinnie Paul, HELLYEAH
Other HELLYEAH reviews and photos from Toon's Tunes/Cameras and Cargos:

- Aftershock 2014
- Ace of Spades 2015

(And if you haven't already: do check out HELLYEAH's video for Hush (from Blood for Blood), and support the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. Everyone has a part to play.)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Poptone, goths, POW!, and it's a family affair

Daniel Ash, vocals, guitar and sax, Poptone
Daniel Ash, Poptone, Ace of Spades Sacramento
A Tuesday evening at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California, and the downstairs floor is filling up with a generous, if not sold-out, crowd. The background music, songs I can sing along to and I'm showing my age by knowing all the words to T Rex's Metal Guru, which is still worth hearing and still valid, even today. I look around and I feel I'm in a bit of a time warp; goths as far as the eye can see. Poptone is in town; Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins plus Haskin's daughter, Diva Dompe, playing songs from Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love & Rockets. Appearance, such a huge part of the goth scene; black everywhere. My daughter and fellow writer Jade should have been here, in her black-eyed-goth-from-France getup, but she's at home because very-late-pregnancy isn't conducive to standing in a crowd in Sacramento temperatures for hours on end. So I'm her proxy tonight. And the evening is more than simply Bauhaus-goth; it's also post-punk-synth-pop-and-rock, Poptone style.

POW! at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento, opening for Poptone
The show opens with POW!, straight-to-the-kisser synth-pop-rock from San Francisco, and the time warp takes over the evening, big time. Punk meets New Romantics meets indie-rock, with a heavy dose of distortion and... quirkiness. I hear the Buzzcocks and early Bowie. I see Sparks. And after listening to POW!'s Here Comes The Spade again several times in the past 24 hours, at last I recognise the audio connection that's been bugging me ever since the show... The Undertones, Teenage Kicks, one of the best-ever singles from the British pop-punk scene. Like I said: quirky. Check out POW!, and their latest album, Crack An Egg, here and all the photos, here.

Poptone, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
And then the band that we've all been waiting for: Poptone. Forget the black, you should have worn white, because the show is all black light, Daniel Ash center front, all in white, sunglasses and bottle-brush hair; Diva Dompe in a long, white dress, Kevin Haskins bathed in red and green as the lights change. Opening the show with an Elvis song? Yes. Does it sound like Elvis? Not one bit! You've never heard Heartbreak Hotel like this. And then OK, This is the Pops, followed by Mirror People, and then Ash breaks out the sax for Movement of Fear... and we have a show!

Check out the full setlist here: a wonderful, diverse selection from Tones on Tail, Love & Rockets, one Bauhaus, a David Bowie, an Elvis... yep, you should have been here.

Daniel Ash, vocals, guitar and sax, Poptone
Poptone, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
All the songs are highlights, but for me, An American Dream--Love & Rockets--the killer. Heavier than the original, and then leading into Christian Says (Tones on Tail). Powerful.

Poptone have a unique and special way of touring; a couple of weeks on the road, and then a few days off, back home. Check all the dates here, on Poptone's Facebook page.

Poptone, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
I'm texting updates to Jade throughout the evening. She reminds me that she interviewed Kevin Haskins in New York in 2005 (here's the story, and the interview). One of the things that's not included in the interview is the discussion that they had about the British punk scene, with Kevin knowing the band that Jade's dad roadied for, The Janitors. Sometimes this planet is so small, and so huge, all you can do is listen to the music. And if you can catch one of the Poptone gigs, do.

For all the Poptone photos, go to the gallery:  And if you are a Bauhaus fan, you might also like this story about Peter Murphy's latest show in Sacramento.

Daniel Ash, vocals, guitar and sax, Poptone
Daniel Ash, Poptone

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Aftershock lineup announced! It's going to be HUGEHUGEHUGE!!!!

Joe Duplantier, vocals and guitar, Gojira
Gojira, coming to Sacramento!!!
Today, Danny Wimmer Presents announced the lineup for this year's Aftershock Festival, being held once again at Sacramento's Discovery Park. Mark the dates: October 21st and 22nd.... and what a lineup!!!

Jesse Hughes, guitar and vocals, Eagles of Death Metal
Eagles Of Death Metal return to Aftershock this year!
Nine Inch Nails, Ozzy Osbourne (with Zakk Wylde), A Perfect Circle, Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, Marilyn Manson, Gojira... and so many, many more. It's going to be HUGE!!!!

Ivan Moody, vocals, Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch are returning to Afterhock!
Check out the full lineup here:  Find all festival info, including tickets, here:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekend photos... Memorial Day Weekend

Tom Rigney and a Packard
Parade, Sacramento Music Festival, Old Sacramento
So far this weekend, I've been to both the Sacramento Music Festival, and the Sacramento County Fair.

The music festival is always fun, and I so love seeing our senior generations out there, enjoying the music, the music which for many, shaped their youth. Twin-sets and pearls... because that's what we all do. That's why there are so many 50+ audience members at rock shows. Music is life, and music is memories. So while I understand the financial drivers for the morphing of Sacramento's one-time all-jazz festival into what it is today, I do also wish that there was a pure jazz festival here, with big names. Having spent several years attending and covering jazz festivals in Grenoble, and Vienne, in France, seeing some of the huge names they were able to attract--from John McLaughlin and Bill Frisell and Wynton Marsalis to James Blood Ulmer and the late, great James Brown--the SacMusicFest lineup these days isn't at the same level. Fun? Yes. But does it make me want to explore music that I've never listened to before, shied away from? Not so much.

Stars and Stripes Bull Riding
Bull riding, Sacramento County Fair
The county fair, and last night was my first rodeo, or rather, bull-riding (there were no other rodeo events, just the bulls). While it was definitely photographically challenging, the whole event left me feeling rather sad. I'll leave it at that, for now, until I can shake off the feeling of gloom that I woke up with and write something more meaningful about exactly why it made me sad (it's more than just the involvement of the animals).

Click on the photos above to go to the galleries!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What will you do this Memorial Day weekend? Here are a few ideas!

Tradional fairground ride
Memorial Day Weekend... all the fun of the fair!
So it's here again, at last... a long weekend, Memorial Day Weekend in the USA. What will you do with this precious free time? Here are just  few ideas...

The Memorial Day service... that's what it's all about, after all, remembering those who have given so much to protect this country. It's worth taking the time to check out one or more of the events around the region, especially Mount Vernon in Citrus Heights, which always has a moving service, lots of people, and a lot of shiny Harleys ridden by military veterans. This year's event is the 50th annual Memorial Day Tribute at Mount Vernon, and will be held from 11 to 12 am.  Don't be late.

The Sacramento County Fair kicks off the weekend early, beginning on Thursday, 25th and running all weekend at Cal Expo on Exposition Boulevard. All the fun of the fair! And, of course, livestock, monster trucks, bull riding (Saturday night), Jaripeo, tractor pulls, and much more. Check the website for info: General admission is an inexpensive $6, parking is $10, children under 12 go free. For the special events including the monster trucks, there's an extra ticket that needs to be bought in advance--best prices are online or at your local Walgreens!

Queen Nation, State Fair, Sacramento 2013
Queen Nation who will be performing at the Sacramento Music Festival this year
Sacramento Music Festival is this weekend too, in Old Sacramento and several downtown venues. With artistes from all jazz genres through to some wonderful rock tribute bands (Queen Nation, Super Huey, Steelin' Dan and Caravanserai, for example)...  local favourites and musicians from around the USA, there is something for everyone's musical tastes: jazz, rockabilly, cajun, ragtime, bluegrass, rock... Go and discover something surprising! All the information is on the festival's website:

Tom Rigney and Flambeau, Sacramento, 2013
Tom Rigney and Flambeau will return to Sacramento Music Festival this weekend

Robin Trower, Sacramento, 2015
Robin Trower returns: at the Crest, Sacramento, on Sunday
Robin Trower is in Sacramento this Sunday, at the Crest Theater. Highly recommended! I saw him a couple of years ago in Folsom, and the show was entrancing. You can read the review here, and find info about the Crest show here. Don't miss this one -- he's one of the great, British, guitar players, who has influenced so many other musicians.

Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect, seen here at Aftershock, will perform at this weekend's Bottlerock
And of course, this weekend is Napa's annual Bottlerock festival. If you didn't already obtain tickets, I fear it's far too late... with a lineup that includes Foo Fighters, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Maroon 5, Band of Horses, the wonderful Fitz and the Tantrums, Live (all together again!), Catfish and the Bottlemen (yay!!!!) and you-must-not-miss Highly Suspect... I'd love to be there, but sadly it's not happening this year!

Confetti, Fitz & The Tantrums
Fitz and the Tantrums, in the lineup for Bottlerock this year!
Whatever you plan on doing this weekend, enjoy yourselves, keep safe, and spare a moment or two for those memories.