Sunday, February 17, 2019

Time to come out of hibernation. Today, right now. Out. Awaken!

It's been a while, way longer than planned. Life, and death, have that trick of shifting plans and routine and expectations, and then it takes time to return to "normal", whatever normal is. Some normals have no going back to - you start afresh, a new day, a new year, another life. And a brand new garden to grow.

Anyway... it's time to emerge from the cocoon.

What better way to do it than with this new video from Pop Evil for "Be Legendary" from their latest album, Pop Evil. Heartwarming, brave, meaningful... and something to share with the kids, too.

Constantly on tour, Pop Evil are currently on the road in the USA, then will be heading over to this side of the Atlantic for UK and European dates... then several gigs in Australia, before returning to the USA for yet more shows. If you've not experienced their live show yet, now is the time. Legendary!

Then this evening, off to the Waterfront in Norwich to see USA rockers Buckcherry, (new album coming in early March), with a both Adelitas Way and Hoobastank. Note the venue - it was earlier listed as being a show at the UEA but the location was changed a while back! There might be a couple of tickets left - see you there!

See the photo galleries for earlier Buckcherry shows here in the gallery. And Adelitas Way too!

Josh Todd, vocals, Buckcherry
Josh Todd, Buckcherry, at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento USA

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