Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Buckcherry, Hoobastank and Adelitas Way at The Waterfront, Norwich

Josh Todd, vocals, Buckcherry
Josh Todd, Buckcherry, Norwich Waterfront
Buckcherry have been touring the UK again, this time with Hoobastank and Adelitas Way - their first time in the UK - on the lineup too. Their new album, Warpaint, will be released in early March - you can preorder on their website now! Sunday's setlist included the title track along and Bent from Warpaint, plus songs from throughout the band's career: It's a Party, Gluttony, Crazy Bitch and the beautiful Sorry.

Kevin Roentgen, guitar, Buckcherry
Kevin Roentgen, Buckcherry

Stevie D, guitar, Buckcherry
Stevie D, Buckcherry
I've heard Josh Todd in better voice. I've seen them perform on bigger, more impressive stages to massive festival audiences. But a Buckcherry show is all about the party... it's fun, it's wild, it's one hell of a show and yes, Sunday was no different. Full setlist here!

Francis Ruiz, drums, Buckcherry
Francis Ruiz,  Buckcherry

Norwich was the last night of the UK leg of the tour: Buckcherry now head to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Germany again for four shows, back to Sac and then off to Canada. Find all their tour dates here and all the photos from Sunday's show in Norwich are here.

Rick DeJesus, vocals, Adelitas Way
Rick DeJesus, Adelitas Way
I was very happy to see Adelitas Way on the bill: about time the Brits heard them, I'm sure this tour has brought a whole new crowd of fans and that one day we'll see them at the UK and European rock/metal festivals. Last time I saw Adelitas Way was at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, Sacramento in 2016: they stood out then, they stand out now. If you missed them, catch up and listen. (Rick DeJesus gave a nice shout out to Sirius XM Octane radio... I MISS THAT RADIO STATION. Planet Rock is way too oldschool, Kerrang! video channel is a poor substitute. Let's get Sirius XM to the UK too, right?)

Adelitas Way
Adelitas Way at The Waterfront, Norwich, UK
And after about twenty? years since a first encounter, I have to admit that Hoobastank is growing on me. Forgive me for taking my time.

Doug Robb, vocals, Hoobastank
Hoobastank at The Waterfront, Norwich, UK
The Waterfront is an interesting, cosy, friendly venue in the heart of Norwich and as its name suggests, right near the river Wensum in an area that's a mix of homes and warehouses and restaurants. The venue has been host to an incredible list of bands for over 25 years, and is connected to the other major Norwich concert hall at the University of East Anglia. Signs outside The Waterfront ask concert-goers to leave quietly so as not to disturb the neighbours, but the sound level inside is good and loud and the light show is brilliant for a smaller concert hall.

Crowd at The Waterfront, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
The stage is low - barely two feet high - and if you don't get there early and to the barrier, you can spend the evening peeping at the performers between other fans' heads: the floor isn't raked, there's a small platform at the back, four people wide, where the shorties among us can see over other peoples heads... but the strangest thing is the set of giant pillars in front of the stage, obviously holding the floor above, adding to the atmosphere. Amost like being in a cellar, but upstairs. Smaller than Sacramento's Ace of Spades by far (Buckcherry play the Ace in a couple of weeks, on March 6th) and it's a cosy place to enjoy a great night of music.

- Buckcherry at The Waterfront in Norwich
- All Buckcherry photos by Alison Toon Photographer
- Hoobastank at The Waterfront
- Adelitas Way at The Waterfront
- Adelitas Way at the Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA.

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