Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Aftershock preview... are you ready for this weekend?

First things first: make sure you have downloaded the Aftershock App. Use it to check performance times and lots more--build your own schedule, check the map, and much more!

And then, be there early! We know it's going to be insane for the headliners, but don't miss out on the bands earlier in the day--the entire weekend is going to be fantastic.

Several of the Aftershock bands were previewed here, for the weather-cancelled Louder Than Life, and as they are going to be playing this weekend I encourage you to check out this post for The Dose and Red Sun Rising. Also, check out this review of Jonathan Davis' show earlier this summer in London, UK... don't miss his appearance at Aftershock! And also, the Vinnie Paul Tribute with lots of artists participating!

And here are a few more of the earlier-in-the-day bands--check them out! :

The Fever 333, scheduled to play Aftershock at 4.45 Sunday on the Capital Stage. This is one of the difficult choices--The Fever 333 or Slash with Myles Kennedy, they will be playing at the same time, on the Discovery Stage... choices, choices!

Amigo The Devil: performing on Sunday at 12.40 on the Monster Energy stage, and then also at the afterparty in midtown at Goldfields, late on Sunday. Amigo The Devil has premiered a new video for the song, Cocaine and Abel, through Aftershock and you can see it here (just click!). His album Everything Is Fine will be released on October 19th and he kicks off the tour with these two Sacramento Aftershock shows. Here's another song:

Dirty Honey (the one from L.A.) will be the first band on the Monster Energy stage on Saturday, scheduled for 1 p.m. Should be a great start to the weekend!

Later on Saturday there's another decision to be made... GWAR, or Godsmack? I can't help you choose... but if you're looking for buckets-of-blood in a surreal, other-world, head for GWAR... check out the photos from a previous show in Sacramento here! (If you have forgotten your waterproof poncho, you might want to hang out with Sully Erna, instead.)

I know the hometown crowd is going to go insane for Deftones. Can't wait to see that, again.

Chino Moreno, vocals, Deftones
Chino Moreno, Deftones, Aftershock 2015
Can't wait for the entire weekend. Be there early.Be hungry and eat well (there will be loads to choose from!)  Amazing lineup, and so much to see and do!

See you Saturday!

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