Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Aftershock: Action Bronson, photo gallery

Action Bronson
Action Bronson, Aftershock 2018
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You go to a festival, and there is something for all musical tastes. Some you love. Some you don't. Going by comments posted by Aftershock attendees this year, probably the most polarising performer at this year's festival in Sacramento's Discovery Park was New York rapper and talk show host, Ariyan Arslani, better known as Action Bronson. He certainly had people talking.

Those who love him, raved about the performance; non-fans, and some who didn't know Action Bronson or his TV personality before this year's Aftershock, didn't. Sometimes you need to have listened to and understood a performer's recordings before seeing them live.

Action Bronson
Action Bronson, Aftershock 2018
The man has presence on stage. Squinting his eyes into the blazing, late-afternoon sunshine--or was it because of the smoke from the five or six blunts he smoked--he kept the fans entertained.

Find out more about Action Bronson here on Wikipedia, on his website, Facebook and on Twitter (why is it ALL CAPS?)

More photos here in the Action Bronson Aftershock 2018 photo gallery!

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