Saturday, March 3, 2018

Settling in... how long does it take? Are we nearly there, yet?

Cromer Pier on a snowy winter's day, Cromer, Norfolk
Cromer Pier, during The Beast From The East, 2018
As you have probably seen, Alison Toon Photographer has moved back to England, UK, from Sacramento, California. There have been a few gaps in publishing here... it will soon be back to normal!

Cromer is a wonderful, traditional British seaside town, with sandy beaches washed by the tides twice each day, a beautiful pier with a theatre, and lifeboat house, at the end; great fish-and-chip shops, old-fashioned, tempting sweet shops, lots and lots of local, family-run small businesses, an so many community events that I know it's going to be a wonderful place to live, and to photograph.

I'll be posting a lot more very soon, but here are just a few of the venues, events and festivals that will be within reach:

Cromer Pier: concerts, shows, and festivals throughout the year
Cromer Hall: open-air concerts
Norfolk's many festivals
The Waterfront in Norwich
University of East Anglia, Norwich
Cambridge Corn Exchange... Marillion will be there soon!
... and many, many more.

It's starting to become real... after far-too-many weeks of organised chaos. I have moved many times, locally, cross-country, cross-continent and internationally. International moves are, by far, the most complicated and stressful--even when you are moving back to a country that you know and love, even when you speak the same (almost) language. It's a mass of large and small things to be organized, managed, dealt with, endured and enjoyed. From huge steps like securing a new home, to silly little things like having no pepper (or salt, or sugar) in the pantry. From replacing each and every electronic device that ran on another country's 110 v system with new devices and appliances that run safely on 240 v, to dealing with the insane, huge amount of packaging material that comes along with every darn purchase.

From having to nip out and buy a new bread knife to cut the amazing gluten-free bread that you were so excited to find, to wondering if your old bread knife and all the rest of the stupid stuff that you thought was so important to ship in that little international shipping pod will arrive before you've begged, borrowed or bought replacements while waiting. (Said pod is currently on a container ship that will dock in Hong Kong within the next few days. Why was it sent the long way around the world? Don't ask me. I have no clue. It's having its own adventure.)

From laughing with joy seeing a huge double-rainbow across the sea, to wondering when you'll see your overseas family again.

And preparing to launch an exciting new photo service here... just as soon as the snow has melted, the roads have been cleared, and the delayed shipment of brand-new business cards arrives. What will it be?

You'll have to watch this space for news!

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