Saturday, April 1, 2017

The March-April European tour: the days between the (Marillion) weekends!

Kinderdijk, South Holland, The Netherlands
Yes, Alison Toon Photographer is on the road/in the plane/on the train/on the bus, again! In Europe until early May to cover all three European Marillion Weekends. Taking some time to see the sights, too: this week, it's been the Netherlands.

Red tulips
Field of early red tulips, Lisse, South Holland, The Netherlands
I lived in The Netherlands for three years, many years ago, and it's been so nice to come back here and get to know the country all over again, It's a wonderful place.

Nieuwpoort, South Holland, The Netherlands
Some of my favourite impressions about living here, and visiting again: water, windmills, waterbirds, carillions, liquorice, chocolate, bicycles, cumin cheese, tulips, Oude Goude, bicycle bells, daffodils, Chin-Ind takeaway, sheep, steep stairs, big skies, kind people, trains, bicycles with baskets, bicycles with three children on board, Wil je buiten spelen? Any one of these things evokes a memory...

Dodrdrecht old town
Dordrecht, old town, The Netherlands
Tomorrow I catch a flight to Warszawa, Poland, to meet up with friends for a quick trip around the country before the Marillion weekend in Lodz. (I almost changed my flight for a train ticket, but found out that the sleeper that used to run all the way from Amsterdam to Warszawa doesn't run anymore... that's a shame, it was fun... but that's another story.)

More photos from my travels in The Netherlands are here; more will be added!

So for the next few weeks, you'll see travel posts interspersed with the music posts. First Marillion weekend review coming up very soon!

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