Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Plan your summer NOW! Festival announcements galore!!! Local and road trip!

Are you ready for festival season??? There are lots of announcements this week--here are a couple of big ones.

First, we have Sacramento's own First Festival, this year to be held in Southside Park in downtown Sacramento. Lots of local-and-good music over two days in the city: metal, rock, Cali-rock: something for everyone. More details here:

Then looking further afield, have you seen the lineup for Chicago Open Air???? Wow... and wow again! Once you see it, you can't unsee it... and might be already on the way there before you get to the bottom of this post. Rammstein! Disturbed! Slipknot! Korn! Five Finger Death Punch! Marilyn Manson! Ministry! Gemini Syndrome!!! Pop Evil!! And so many, many many more... good grief. What a lineup! Enough to make any metal fan drool...

This festival will run for three days: July 15th, 16th and 17th, at Toyota Park, Bridgeview IL, very close to Chicago's Midway airport. For those of you in the Sacramento area, that's under $250 return on Southwest right now. Summer-metal vacation in the midwest? Sounds like fun to me...

And is this lineup a taster for what we might see here, later in the year, at Aftershock??? Can't wait to find out... (And another suggestion--go look at the Ace of Spades' new concert lineup... a few familiar names in there, too. This is going to be a good year.)

Tickets for both First Festival and Chicago Open Air are on sale now. Start planning your summer today!

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