Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photos: All That Remains, from their 1st March show at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento

All That Remains, Sacramento
Philip Labont, All That Remains
These are photos from All That Remains show, supporting In Flames, at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento, on 1st March. Sorry they took a while--it took a while, because I felt I would write a very biased review, and it didn't feel fair.... So I left it... and thought about it, and thought a little more... and came right back to where I started. So.. it is what it is.

All That Remains, Sacramento
All That Remains and fans, Sacramento
I was a little disappointed by my reaction to this band. Not by the show--they put on a good performance--but my own reaction. I'd expected to really like them. I expected "What If I Was Nothing?" to be a powerful, tear-jerker moment in the show: it wasn't, it was sorta flat and unemotional. I expected to like the growly-angry songs less, but I didn't: I liked them more than the ones with "clean" vocals. But most of all, I expected to hear them for what they are, and I didn't... I just kept wishing I was seeing, and listening to, Five Finger Death Punch instead. Because there are similarities. No imitation, just similarities... And one pulls my heart strings. It wasn't All That Remains.

So... I was a little disappointed. Not what I expected. Sorry, guys.

All That Remains, Sacramento
Philip Labont, All That Remains
So this is an unfair, biaised review. No apologies... we like what we like. No doubt, All That Remains could headline their own tour, and bring on the big encores. On this night, they very ably supported In Flames, and the room was full of All That Remains fans. And if I wasn't so head-over-heels with 5FDP, then maybe I'd be a fan, too. But...

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