Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Mark Knopfler album out this week: Tracker (and now say Hi to "Beryl")

Beryl isn't such a popular name any more, but when I was a kid in England, it seemed that every other one of my mum's friends, or my friend's mothers, were called Beryl. And of course, there was Beryl the Peril, who we all secretly wanted to be. (And sometimes were. We can admit it now.)

Anyway... here's Mark Knopfler's Beryl. Available now on iTunes etc. You know it's Mr K from the first notes... and it's reminiscent of the earliest Dire Straits.

The complete new album, Tracker, will be released in the USA on March 17th.  And check out the tour dates. I see a visit to Berkeley in my future...

Now I have to go listen to Sultans of Swing. It makes me happy.

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