Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zardonic, EDM and it's all about the dance

I rarely go out of my way to listen to EDM, electronic dance music. It's something that happens in nightclubs, right? DJ's reusing someone-else's music?

But just last week I was introduced to Zardonic. Part of me was whisked off to the nightclubs in Grenoble, France, where we'd go on a Friday or Saturday night to dance and dance and dance. Part of me was wanting to research more of Zardonic's incredibly-inventive and almost-hypnotic music. The other part? It was already dancing.

Billed as "South America's favourite Extreme Dance Music artist", Zardonic recently remixed Figure's "Are you Afraid of the Dark?". He calls his style "bass metal", and it's compelling in the extreme. He's been touring Europe and that makes total sense to me.

Check this out: the "aftermovie" of the Europa Beyond Bass tour.

Hear and discover more on the website: 

I'm off to dance. Again.

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