Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Playlist for the first autumn rain, and Apple is no Genius

Sometimes "shuffle" amazes me, by its apt selection and segue-ing of songs. Yesterday afternoon, as I was working on a business presentation, this is what it found to keep me company. I'm calling it the Rainy Day playlist.

If I Had a Tail: Queens of the Stone Age
Going to a Go-Go: Smokey Robinson
July Morning: Uriah Heep
Wedding Celebration: The Bottle Dance, from Fiddler on the Roof
A Headlong Stretch (4): Peter Hammill
Jersey Girl: Tom Waits
Song for Janie:  Tim Buckley
Swing: Tabitha's Secret
So Far Away: Dire Straits
When You Smile: Calvin Russell
You Do Something To Me: Paul Weller
Remember Everything: Five Finger Death Punch
Holidays in Eden: Marillion

There was a time I could have created the play list on iTunes, then shared it with you. However, some Genius (sic) decided to remove the iMix function from iTunes version 11 onwards... so I've added links above to the source album for each of the songs on Amazon.

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