Friday, November 15, 2013

Every day is halloween... if it's a Misfits show day!

Jerry Only, one of the co-founders of the Misfits, leading the band and still touring the world. They've been to Europe and are now part-way through the US leg... and last night, it was Sacramento's turn to be entertained by this rocky-horror-punk band which started way-way back, early-punk days, in New Jersey, and don't seem to be planning on changing or stopping any time soon. I don't think the fans will let them even think of that.

ALISON TOON: Misfits &emdash; Jerry Only of Misfits, live performance at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento, 2013
Jerry Only and one of the evening's skeletons
They brought a full house to the Ace of Spades last night, headlining a full evening of five bands, including local boys Kill the Precedent, Avenue Saints and The Secretions, and from Florida, The Attack, who are touring with the Misfits.

ALISON TOON: Misfits &emdash; Dez Cadena of Misfits, live performance at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento, 2013

The crowd arrived early for the show, suitably dressed in Misfits shirts and punk-tartan ("plaid", if you prefer), studs and leather and spiky hair. They were thoroughly entertained.

The set began with the sound of a thunderstorm... and then the show really began.

Everyone knows the Misfit icons: the grinning, leering skull-face; Jerry Only's devilock hairdo: but have you seen the range of merchandise, either on the tour merch table or the band's website? Collectible vinyls in gory splatter or pumpkinhead orange, (example... only 666 copies of orange-vinyl-with-yellow-haze "Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass" available for pre-order, only through the website), glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirts and gloves (I want those gloves), and exactly how many rows of teeth do those masks have???

ALISON TOON: Misfits &emdash; Misfits-AoS-14Nov2013-3395

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