Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not everyone takes a siesta

It was about 1.30 pm, and already about 96 degrees F (here, temperatures reach their peak around five in the afternoon, not midday), and the dogs were sleepy and taking their siesta. Suddenly, a commotion in the back garden: ten or so turkeys, yelling-gobbling, flew across the creek to our side, followed by the local cockerel (or rooster if you prefer), often heard but never before seen, shiny green and gold and red... all followed by a very-enthusiastic, furry coyote.

I think the cockrel escaped -- he went one way, and the coyote went another -- but there are a cluster of turkey feathers waving in the breeze on the other side of the creek now.

He looked like a furry, beige, large English fox.

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