Sunday, June 19, 2011

More plantings. Hoping they'll survive 100 degrees C.

Pumpkins around the edge of the cutting garden--the gnarly, warty kind. Canteloupe plants potted-up into the big, red Dollar Store buckets (with drainage holes added). Four hangiing baskets--two the usual kind, and two spray-painted thrift-store bird cages--planted with nasturtiums and trailing lobelia. And a load of the baby echinacea, shasta daisies, foxgloves and red-hot pokers are now in the front garden. First perennials here from seed!

The four hydrangeas I put on the shady side of the house are now being blasted by early-morning sun, and today, a drying wind. And I suspect that the turkeys are starting to sample the baby tomatoes. This calls for a trip to Home Depot for some shade cloth and/or turkeyproof net.

Found wild cherries along the creek! The fat squirrel gave them away by sitting in full sight stuffing his face! Now we know where they are... and they are yellow-orange and delicious.

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