Saturday, September 7, 2019

New release: Marillion, Afraid of Sunlight deluxe edition!

Port Zelande, The Netherlands, 24 March 2019: Marillion performing on the final night of the PZ weekend 2019.
Marillion, 2019
Marillion will release a deluxe edition of Afraid of Sunlight later this year... a four-CD/Blu Ray set and a five vinyl box set, each with a whole lot of new stuff including a full remix of the original album by maestro Michael Hunter, a live recording from Rotterdam, The Netherlands (1995): full details, track lists for each set and the link for preordering is here:

- Afraid of Sunlight deluxe edition CD/Blu Ray
- Afraid of Sunlight delux edition vinyl

 (and yes, they are different, and yes, you really do want both so check the listing for both.)

Marillion are heading out on tour in November with "Friends From The Orchestra", beginning November 1st with a sold-out show at Liverpool Philarmonic and following on with Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Bath, Oxford, Glasgow, Gateshead, Southend, Cardiff... and then two nights, yes TWO nights, at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Check here for all dates and locations and try to find a ticket somewhere along the way. Haven't seen them live, yet? You're a fan just waiting to happen. I'll see you there.

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