Friday, June 28, 2019

It must be summer because... Cromer Pier Show!!!

Cromer Pier Show 2019 show one
Cromer Pier Show 2019
It's back! It's back! For its 42nd year! The only full-length variety show at the end of a pier in the entire world!  Award-winning it is... and so much fun, for all the family. In a lovely theatre, right at the end of the pier in beautiful Cromer, North Norfolk, England.

Cromer Pier Show 2019 show one
Yes! The Wizard of Oz!
The show runs from now until the end of September, with tomorrow - Saturday 29th - being the gala performance to officially launch summer. There are two shows - completely different sets - that will be running, and there are matinee and evening performances. All the show dates can be found here (at the end of the summer, there is also the Ultimate Show, which takes parts of show one and two... but that's a long way off yet!)

Harvey James, Emily Yarrow and the Man They Call G
A beautiful interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody
This year's cast includes very-funnymen Paul Eastwood and the hilarious The Man They Call G, singers Emily Yarrow and Harvey James, whose repertoires stretch from opera to musicals to rock; Matthew Pomeroy, magician and mind-reader, and his magically-disappearing partner in illusion, Natasha Lamb, plus the Cromer Pier Show Dancers, and their young friends from Marlene's School of Dancing. Beautiful choreography, really good sound and lighting, excellent timing, a really fun escape from mundane reality... that's what a show should be.

Cromer Pier Show 2019 show one
Yes, there is a superhero
The show is packed with laugh-out-loud comedy, poignant melodies, beautiful dance. Highlights for me were the Harvey James singing Human, accompanied by the dancers; a contemporary ballet under haunting video and lighting... I love the Rag'n'Bone Man song and this put it into a whole new setting. And Bohemian Rhapsody, sung by Harvey James, G, and Emily Yarrow.

Cromer Pier Show 2019 show one
And, of course, The Man Called G. That dude just cracks me up. The man of a thousand voices... and faces... impressionist, but much more than that. He takes the essence of a celebrity, a personality, and moulds it into something new. He tells you to expect Elvis, surprises you with Costello, but sneaks Presley in at the end. A wardrobe that doesn't fit anyone's corporate dress code. And funny? Did I already mention that?

The Man They Call G
The Man Called G
Show One of the Cromer Pier Show includes mind-bending performances from Matthew and Natasha - if you work out how he folds the lady in the box, runs her through with swords, then abra-cadabra brings her back with not a drop of blood on the stage, please let me know. And the numbers trick? I'm still trying to figure that one out. Guess I'll have to go back and see it again!

Find out all about Cromer Pier Show and get your tickets here. Don't miss this!

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Cromer Pier Show 2019 show one
Cromer Pier Show 2019

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