Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Led Zeppelin memories, and the sound of new bands from Michigan: check these out!

I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin. Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love and, of course, Immigrant Song: those being the songs everyone remembers, but there are far than that in Led Zeppelin's catalog. Check out the full discography on their website, and indulge your craving for remastered vinyl Zepp to your heart and wallet's content...

Robert Plant's voice and vocal style are not only at the heart of Zepp, they are an influence for a myriad of other vocalists. The whole band has, over the years, influenced and inspired so many other musicians: if you drew a family tree of bands, Led Zeppelin would be at the root of an entire dynasty: a diverse, musical family that today often has little resemblance to its forefathers yet can still trace roots back to the New Yardbirds.

But... it's 2017, almost fifty years since Led Zeppelin formed... and suddenly it seems there's a new wave of hard, heavy, rock appearing... and they are coming out of Michigan, USA. They may never have heard Zepp when they were growing up... yet, the legacy is there. A bit like a great-great-grandchild having the same blue eyes and musical soul.

Here's an example from Michigan-based band Spiral Crush: their third album, Electric Life, is out now. This track, Get It On, really harks back to early Zeppelin...

And then, also from Michigan, we have the young and very talented, Greta van Fleet. If you think you've heard Led Zeppelin on the radio recently, you might just have caught an earful of these guys. I'm really looking forwards to seeing them for the first time, later this year, at Aftershock in Sacramento. Did you get your tickets yet???

This is Highway Tune. It's an earworm... learn the words and sing along!

More info:

Spiral Crush on Facebook and their website
Greta Van Fleet on Facebook and their website
Aftershock festival right here!

(And please... if you work out the meaning behind the cryptic messages appearing on Robert Plant's website, let me know!)

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