Thursday, July 13, 2017

Northern Ghost releases new video: Heart of Stone

If you enjoy Bring Me The Horizon, check out this band from Cleveland, Ohio: Northern Ghost. This is the video of Heart of Stone: "... One of the more painful ones to write. The subject of being a good person who has done bad things, tearing into regret, dealing with judgment. It can weigh extremely heavily on a soul", said Tony McVaney about this song.

Northern Ghost is vocalist Tony McVaney, guitarist Alan Bryan, guitarist Nolan O'Renic, bass player Kenny Pohorence and drummer Mike Mazzoli.

Nothern Ghost have signed with Tragic Hero Records, and their debut album Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal was released on July 7th, and is well worth a listen! Check out the album here on Amazon, or here on iTunes... or wherever you usually buy your music. Metalcore but melodic; powerful yet thoughtful.

Follow Northern Ghost on Facebook to see upcoming tour dates. If you are headed to the beach, see them in Santa Cruz tonight!

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