Thursday, February 23, 2017

Art Street, don't miss it!!! Only a couple of days left to visit.

Art Street
Art Street, 2017, Sacramento
If you haven't been yet, there are only a couple of days left to visit the Art Street temporary, free and multi-disciplinary arts project. In a warehouse (owned by the Mill at Broadway) and around the property at 300 1st Avenue, Sacramento -- close to the river end of Broadway, there's over 65,000 feet of space... full of inspiring, thoughtful, thought-provoking, provocative, sometimes-shocking, sometimes-not, art and painting and sculpture and photography and just about everything you'd include in "the arts".

(And yes: the property is going to be demolished sometime soon.)

Art Street
Collidescope, Art Street, Sacramento
Brought to us by M5Arts--the same folks from last year's Art Hotel project--and with contributions by over 100 artists and performers (there's music at night), there's also food and drink available. But the main thing: drink in the art.

Homeless, Art Street
Remembering Sacramento's lost homeless people
Each work is likely to create a different reaction in everyone who visits. The homeless-people piece brought me to tears, the sexual assault alley to anger and more tears; several pieces of art I wanted to cut down and bring home and put on my wall; one set of paintings made me think I'd forgotten to put my contact lenses in (and that might have been the objective... if you see that set of paintings, you'll understand exactly what it means to be near-sighted/short-sighted).

Art Street
Painted by the light, Art Street, Sacramento
A huge thank you to all the artists and the M5Arts team.

Art Street
Art Street, Sacramento, 2017
Here's my complete photo gallery: click here. I'd love to label all the works with the artists' names, but was unable to find many of them. If you are one of the artists, and wish to be credited in the gallery, email me with the URL of the photo plus a link to your website/info.

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