Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sammie nominations: vote for your favourite local stars! (If you can find them)

Every year, the SN&R (Sacramento News and Review) sponsors the Sammie awards to recognize local musicians... and every year, there are some huge gaps in the list of nominees. While this year's list contains musicians who absolutely should be recognized--like Some Fear None, like Heat of Damage (teen section only? what about their album???)--there are a whole slew of others who are missing, or miscategorised, or whose album releases have been forgotten.

Did we do something wrong? Did we miss the point at which we should nominate for inclusion in the list? SN&R, can we fix this next year??? You didn't ask for my opinion... you never answer my emails... and I guess you never read this blog, either, 'cos if you had, you might have included others in your list. #sourgrapes

Not to detract from voting for those who DID make it to the list! Go vote now, here:  and read more info on the awards here.

Congratulations to those who made it to the nominee list. I just wish it was more representative of this city's wonderful, vibrant music scene.

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