Saturday, June 6, 2015

(Music to move house to: If you've been wondering why this week was so quiet...

... Toon's Tunes has been moving house). Just getting all the technology set up again, in the new abode, downtown Sacramento.

Been listening to the Gordon Lightfoot channel on Pandora while driving back-and-forth to the old house every evening and all this weekend... Gentle, tuneful, folk-influenced music: needed something restful to counteract the stress of living in a tetris world. Most everything is still in boxes, being moved from room to room, but getting there, at last.

The Pandora channel has Gordon, lots of James Taylor: gems from the wonderful, late Jim Croce... and I also came across this one. I had forgotten about,Kansas. Just close your eyes and listen...

Kansas are touring: in fact, they'll be in Pleasanton, CA, on July 2nd, for the Alameda County Fair. Oh! And September 8th, here in Sacramento, at the Crest Theater!

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