Monday, May 18, 2015

FallRise show at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento, with The Alpha Complex, A Mile Till Dawn, Heat of Damage, and Dr. Luna.

Sammy Karlin, vocals, FallRise, Sacramento, May 2015
Sammy Karlin, FallRise
It's not so often that a local band headlines a date at the Ace of Spades, supported by several local bands, and pulls in a big crowd. FallRise did it on Saturday, and made the house rock! The Sacramento gig was early in their current California and Nevada tour--wonderful to see these local guys out on the road, taking the music outside of the comfort zone of their hometown!

FallRise, Sacramento, May 2015
FallRise heading the bill at the Ace of Spades
Ably supported by The Alpha Complex (don't forget the "The"!)--Been waiting to see them for a while. I really like these guys (and am hoping to see them on an Aftershock stage--is that on the cards?

The Alpha Complex, Sacramento, May 2015
Michael Woodruff, The Alpha Complex
Second support act was Doctor, or Dr., Luna. OK. So I'll start with the positive. Vocalist Rachelle DeBelle has a great voice. But... the show was all just... sleazy. Would have been better-suited to 3 a.m. in a drunken roadhouse. We were all waiting for the wardrobe malfunction to happen, as Ms. DeBelle squatted and wriggled and... you get the drift.

Dr. Luna, Sacramento, 2015
Dr. Luna
Dr. Luna: tawdry, and not at all a performance for midway through an all-ages show: and really compared very badly to the classy young singer from A Mile Till Dawn, Katie Robinette.

Katie Robinette, vocals, A Mile Till Dawn, Sacramento, May 2015
Katie Robinette, A Mile Till Dawn
A Mile Till Dawn continue to grow in musical strength (and in age, young adults now!), and it's a great thing to see. Really fun band with good music. Don't miss them... I think they'll be around for many years to come!

(Also on the bill were Heat of Damage, but I arrived too late... it was a very full evening!)

For all the pictures, click on an image above--it will take you to the Toon's Tunes gallery. I am biting my tongue about the lighting this time. See, I managed to reach the end of the post without mentioning the horrible combination of low-light and LEDs. Sigh. #failedtokeepquiet

See FallRise, The Alpha Complex, and White Knuckle Riot, on their summer tour throughout Northern California and into Nevada.


  1. Your trippin...I 100 % disagree with you. DR.LUNA KICK ASS..But to each thier own.

  2. Dr. Luna is AMAZING!! Not sure how many rock shows you cover, but maybe you should be critiquing Disney productions. This here is grown up music.