Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Refugee camps, ISIS, Damascus, 1948... and revisiting Gaza

As I read the news this morning about ISIS (IS) entering a Syrian refugee camp, the Yarmouk camp near Damascus, capturing and trapping around 18,000 people... and then reading that the camp has been in existance since 1948... it's horrific.

Why, why, why are people still living in camps so many years later? This still doesn't make sense to me. In other parts of the world, people have been displaced, gone through very hard times, and then one day grown into new homes.

People shouldn't have to live like that. They should be able to build homes and futures for themselves and their families.

It doesn't always mean going back "home", because that place may no longer be there.

Here's my story of Gaza, and Polish refugees, from 2012. It rings true as much today for me.

Oh and while the BBC broke the news, CNN mentions nothing... nothing. So much for journalism today.

(And maybe the BBC are just being inflammatory... maybe Yarmouk is not a "camp", but an area of Damascus that has long been inhabited by families who arrived there in 1948... it's not clear. Where have all the good journalists gone...)

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