Monday, January 12, 2015

Migrating photo servers is not easy. But is it worth it? You tell me!

So... I spent much of last week, and the weekend, completing the major part of the migration of Toon's Tunes photogalleries and other photos from one hosting service to another. There was no way to do it painlessly or without breaking anything. Right now, many older blog posts are without their images, and I'll be fixing that over time.

I've updated the article I wrote a while back, comparing my original hosting service (Zenfolio) with the new one (PhotoDeck). You can read it here: Photographer's choice: Zenfolio or PhotoShelter? Or PhotoDeck? Yes, please!

If you notice missing images, they will come back, sometime soon... (would be faster if Blogger had a search-and-replace function, but it doesn't). In the meantime, you can always go directly to and browse through the Music galleries! You might see something you missed!

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