Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Down with that!

Phil Anselmo, Down, Sacramento
Phil Anselmo, Down, Sacramento
Brilliant show last night at the Ace of Spades: "The Punk Rock but Kinda Not" tour, headlined by Down, and the inimitable Phil Anselmo. Mr. Anselmo was present from the moment the show opened: waving to his Sacramento fans from the dressing-room steps, enjoying the three support acts from there too.

Opening act, King Parrot, is not to be missed. If you're heading to one of the other shows on the tour, don't be late! Seriously... punk/rocl/metal from Australia, in-your-face (literally), and don't be afraid of a little fresh water.

Youngy, vocals, King Parrot, Sacramento
Youngy, vocals, King Parrot, Sacramento
Bl'ast rock it up, too. Loads of energy and the night screeches and moshes along. Get in the pit or be square.
Clifford Dinsmore, vocals, Bl'ast
Clifford Dinsmore, vocals, Bl'ast
English metal band, Orange Goblin. How is it that I know English metal, as opposed to US or Swedish or anything else, from the first heavy guitar notes and the sound of the drum? It's the Sabbath/Maiden heritage I guess...

Ben Ward, Orange Goblin, Sacramento
Ben Ward, Orange Goblin, Sacrament
Prior to the show, the sound tech (who was not short) was standing on tiptoe to adjust Ben Ward's mic stand. Looked like he was setting up for someone 9 foot 5" tall. Whatever... Oh but then Ben walks on stage, and of course, he IS 9 foot 5" tall, and with a metal voice to match. Very, very enjoyable!

And then... Down! The stage was cleared: no stands, no monitors, no impedements to movement, Brilliant! (I think Down may be my favourite Anselmo incarnation... a tad more melodic and less death, but with the usual intense energy and interaction with the audience). The crowd was boisterous, metal, heavy, angry at times, but heck, it was Down!

Down (the band), Sacramento
Down, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
More, many miore photos will be added to the galleries later this week! The full set of Down photos are now in the Toon's Tunes Down photo Gallery. All the King Parrot shots too... and Bl'ast... and Orange Goblin!  Click the links or on a photo above and scroll left and right from there.

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