Friday, November 28, 2014

Music, music, music this weekend and more to come

I know. I wasn't here much lately. My excuse? I was here, and here, and here, and especially here. Anyway... some interesting shows are lined up, starting with tonight: Atilla, at the Ace of Spades. There have been several bands named Atilla: this isn't the one with Billy Joel, nor is it the metal Atilla that we knew in Europe a while back. This one is metalcore, and they come from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm going to be there to see if they live up (or down) to their reviews.

Then on Monday, again at the Ace, it's The Birthday Massacre, with a really interesting support lineup that includes New Years Day (I really, really, REALLY want to add the apostrophe), and rock-orchestral The Red Paintings. I think that Sacramento's Snow White Smile has also been added to the bill, so this should be a cool evening out.

Check out the Ace of Spades' calendar for this week and next weekend. You'll see me at a few of these shows!

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