Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Best albums ever... revising my list, and adding one

There are few albums on my best-ever list. I have well over 20 days of music on my iPod, but there are few albums that have that everlasting, always-listen-to-it-and-hear-something-new, appeal.

They have to be albums that are timeless. They don't become dated.

They have to be musically intricate and technically strong.

They have to have meaningful lyrics.

There can be no more than one naff song on the album (and that's only because I like Dire Straits too much to say, "not one"). And they are not "best of" albums, because that's cheating, (though at some point I'll have to make an exception for a "best of 5FDP gentle songs").

The songs might be played by a classical orchestra, and stand up--because the music is that detailed and that strong.

If you hear the songs played live, you know that each performance will be unique, because the musicians are living the music, and the music is alive.

Gemini Syndrome, Sparks, NV, 2013
Gemini Syndrome, Sparks, Nevada, 2013

Alessandro Paveri, bass, Gemini Syndrome, Aftershock 2013
AP, Gemini Syndrome, Sacramento Aftershock 2013
After several plane journeys, many subway rides, and a few long-distance east-coast train rides during the past couple of weeks, I am in no doubt that Gemini Syndrome's "Lux" is way, way up on my list of best albums ever. I don't say that lightly.

Brian Steele Medina, drummer, Gemini Syndrome, Aftershock 2013
Brian Steele Medina, Gemini Syndrome, Sacramento Aftershock 2013
Together with Marillion's Marbles, and Brave, and Afraid of Sunlight, and more; Peter Hammill's Silent Corner and the Empty Stage;  Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms; Stevie Nicks' Belladonna, and a few more, Lux is going to be on my playlist for a very long time.

Peter Hammill performing live at the Entrepot, Grenoble, 1994
Peter Hammill, 1994, Grenoble, France
But then, you say, what comes next?

There's a lot of time, and many years, and hopefully many more albums to come.

Ask some of the oldies (and not-so-oldies, but very very good-ies) on my list. They are still making music, still out there, still living the song.

Thank you all, very much.

Friday night of the Marillion Weekend, Wolverhampton UK, 2013
Marillion, Wolverhampton, England, 2013

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