Sunday, December 18, 2011

OK, OK. I know.

Update is long-overdue. Been running around: two trips to England, one to Russia, down to the San Francisco Bay Area too... in-between have been preparing garden for spring planting, using sheet mulch to (hopefully) kill off the weeds and prepare the soil.

Also found my tree guy--at least, I think so, we'll find out when the tidying-of-trees happens tomorrow. And of course the decision had nothing to do with the fact that he sounded just like Sam Elliott. Really.

And the gate--the one that fell on and squished Karli--is upright and safely tied in place. It will be fixed and safely functional within the next couple of weeks, once the contractor has obtained the needed parts.

New vegetable garden before...

... and after. Weed/light block of old newspaper and recycled-paper mulch topped with garden compost from the pile and some netting to hold it all in place.

And there is room for more. Where to put the asparagus bed?

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