Sunday, September 4, 2011

One welly-booted step at a time...

Second bank of sprinkler valves has now been fixed--this one controls the irrigation around the fruit trees and around the south-west side of the house--the first bank to be fixed controls the beds around the pool and the bank behind the pool fence. Each bank has either five, or six, valves controlling five or six sprinkler circuits. I've dug up and fixed most of the sprinkler heads and excavated several areas where the underground pipe was leaking but the valves and timers or rather, the whole water and electricity thing, is not my idea of fun.

Now I can make a permanent herb garden; dug and planted part of it this morning; tarragon, garlic chives, sage, German and Lemon thyme, rosemary and a volunteer baby sweet basil all planted.

Then it was already too hot to dig any more--at 10.30 am--so rest will have to wait until later, or early tomorrow.

Planning what to plant in the rest of that border...

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