Sunday, May 15, 2011

The pool border garden--before

Yesterday, I started work on the border garden that edges the pool area. The weeds are now all dry and dead, apart from the daffodils that have obviously been shorn every year since they were planted and which produce nothing but floppy, sad leaves.

Scraped all the weeds away then watered the garden so it would be at least slightly diggable (the tree roots make it tricky and those privet "trees" really have to go... one already has, the reciprocating saw with the pruning blade dragged me to it the other day). Then I dug and planted the section from the gate to just-around the corner towards the rocks: daylilies, blue salvia, the burgundy galliardia, and those really-weird blue asters which, forgive me, will be removed if they look too fake to be true.

Then mulched it all with shredded cedar bark.

Picture to follow if/when the sun comes out again--we just had a major rain/thunder/hailstorm which happily did not batter the tomatoes. Too much.

Took advantage of the wet earth, and pushed a load of nasturtium seeds into the bare patches among the tree roots at the front of the house. Will they grow? Who knows... will be pretty if they do.

They have citrus trees at Raleys: I am tempted by a lemon and a lime tree, to fill the spaces in the mini-orchard where there must have been trees once, which are no longer. They are real babies: 10$ a tree. Maybe I should just plant some seeds instead. Like the white peach tree we grew in France.

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